Podcasts: Investing

You Can’t Print Corn

Rising inflation means everyone needs a little exposure to commodities—things like corn, wheat, soy beans, oil… all the stuff we use but can’t print. Jared shares the easiest way to get that done.

What Rich People Talk About

Hedge funds are one of those things that rich people talk about at cocktail parties. They sound sexy… but how do they make money? And how do you invest in them? Get the scoop from Jared.

Are We All in a Cult?

Stocks are a cult. Americans think they only move in one direction… UP. But no one knows where stocks will head next. Jared shares a simple way to play the market without drinking the Kool-Aid.

Money Stuff You Never Learned in High School

You can graduate from high school without knowing squat about money. Jared talks with a special guest about America’s lack of financial literacy—and tells you how you can fill in the gaps.

Shiny Rocks

Just because something is scarce doesn't make it valuable. Gold may be "shiny rocks," but unlike "Boomer coin"—what many Bitcoin fans now call their beloved crypto—gold is in no danger of ever losing its shine.

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