Podcasts: Investing

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Remember the magical days when you could park your savings in a bank account and earn 8% interest? Jared explains the magic of compound interest—and makes the argument for the return of higher rates.

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One of the Safest Bets in the Stock Market

Stock buybacks are the craziest thing in the world. A company uses its own cash and buys its own stock. This is legal—and it’s actually encouraged. Jared explains what this means for you.

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Nothing Is Safe

Your money is always at risk in the financial markets. Even if you keep stacks of 100-dollar bills in your house, you’re going to lose out to inflation. So, you have to choose which risks you’re willing to accept.

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Hedge Funds Operate in a Different Universe

Rich people love to invest in hedge funds. But they are not magic money machines—basically, a hedge fund is just a bunch of dudes investing in whatever they want. They’re trying to make money when stocks go up… and when stocks go down.

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Look Inside the World of Alternative Investments

What do really wealthy people do with their money? Jared chats about alternative investments with Jeremy Boynton, who manages money for families with $10–50 million.

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