What a Pro Wants You to Know about Life Insurance

Chuck Hinners talks with Jared about building a 45-year career in life insurance and why picking a highly rated provider is just as important as buying the right (term, universal, or whole-life) policy.

Economic & Other Absurdity

Day trading has turned into a national obsession. People are quitting their jobs and buying the stock of a strip club that closed due to COVID. But don't look to the Fed to put an end to all this speculation.

Personal Finance Laws to Live By

Ben Carlson wrote a smart piece in Fortune about personal finance laws to live by. In this episode, Jared reviews his favorites and shares a few more smart strategies.

How to Really Beat Wall Street

Wall Street wants you in the markets just like Las Vegas wants you in the casinos. That’s because the more bets you make, the more chances THEY have to make money—even without charging commissions! Here’s the logical way to defeat their logic… and win big in the end.

Take This to the Bank

Jared talks with David Mannen, realtor at Carolina Pines Realty, about why it's important to have cash in the bank, 529 plans for college-bound kids, and a life insurance policy valued at 2X your income for each dependent.

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