Podcasts: Income and Expenditure

Money and the Psychology of Motivation

Sometimes motivation can be elusive, and sometimes it can be available but ineffective. Jared discusses the psychology of being motivated to earn money, while also not being motivated solely by money itself. He also reminds us that great entrepreneurial ideas aren’t great unless they are well...

(Big) Decisions, Decisions

Personal finance “experts” shame people for spending money on small luxuries like coffee, which is terrible advice, Jared says. Listen in to hear the checklist of big decisions that actually determine how much money you have.

Jared’s Favorite Wall Street Story

How do you get a raise? Jared shares some negotiating ideas based on his time at Lehman Brothers.

The Best Way to Get a Raise

There’s only one time-tested strategy to get a raise (and it’s not by doing a good job). Listen in to find out… and get Jared’s take on multi-level marketing schemes, the Big Five personality test, and more.

Cutting Coffee Doesn’t Move the Needle

Eating less food and living in the dark in a bid to cost-cut your way to becoming a millionaire is sheer lunacy. Jared reveals the changes you should really be looking at making…

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