Podcasts: Income and Expenditure

Cutting Coffee Doesn’t Move the Needle

Eating less food and living in the dark in a bid to cost-cut your way to becoming a millionaire is sheer lunacy. Jared reveals the changes you should really be looking at making…

No Good Ideas Have Ever Come from Reddit

Selling “extreme solutions” is easy, and people desire easy solutions… but it’s okay to enjoy life and be comfortable, says Jared. Listen in to hear what he thinks about consumption and why you should want the best out of life.

Door #3—Make More Money

“The only thing you have to change in your life is everything.” If the bills are piling up and you feel like you just can’t get ahead, it’s time to hunt down new opportunities. Jared has some ideas…

When You Should Cheap Out

Clorox or bleach? $2 juice or $10 juice? Expensive doesn’t always mean better, but sometimes it does… Jared categorizes some of the most common daily items and shares the quickest way you can set your money on fire…

When You Should Spend Money

Personal finance “gurus” berate people into following extreme tactics that are almost never necessary. There are times to spend and times to not spend. This podcast will help you figure out what stage you’re in right now.

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