Podcasts: Income and Expenditure

How Real Estate Traps Your Money

Nobody likes landlords, especially right now. Jared prefers to invest in stocks over real estate for a slew of other reasons. For starters—real estate deteriorates over time. And you might wind up babysitting your tenants. There are simpler ways to make money…

The Dumb Dummies’ Guide to Stock Splits

Stock splits aren’t that common these days. But when they do happen, it means the company expects the stock to go up. And that’s what usually happens—so hang on if you own it.

Don’t Let Success Turn You into a Jerk

Failure is good—it’s how you learn and grow. But how are you going to handle success? Because you don’t want to turn into a jerk. Pro tip: Increase your standard of living slowly.

Swatting a Fly with a Buick

Whether or not you have money is the product of a few big decisions. Jared believes Mr. Money Mustache’s plan to “focus on your $10 bills” is comically bad. Here’s why…

Buy the Coffee and Get to Work

Worried that buying a cup of coffee in the morning will lead to financial ruin? Just stop. Enjoy this one small luxury and shift your focus to making more money.

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