Podcasts: Education and Loans

Lawyers, It’s Not the ‘80s Anymore

Student debt is one thing, but law school debt is a whole different animal—can the cost of law school ever make economic sense? Also discussed: Jared’s 3-step plan for student loans, advice for prospective students, and why Law & Order is so terrible.

When College Makes No Economic Sense

Abandon the idea that college is a golden ticket. In fact, Jared says, it’s often like walking into a giant spinning blade. Find out exactly why college is so expensive, what Jared says is the number one bad financial decision you make if you want to be a lawyer, why government intervention...

The Student Loan Problem

Compared to borrowing money to buy a house, borrowing money to go to school is shockingly easy. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, fueled by the fact that many students treat loans as grants. This is a must-listen if you have any student debt…