Podcasts: Education and Loans

$300k in Student Loans & No Way Out

The whole student loan system is bad. Some people say they’re going to die with their student loan debt, and some of them are right. People should be more scared of debt going into these situations and only use it judiciously.

Do NOT Break Glass in Case of Emergency

If you have value in your home, it may be tempting to borrow against it for emergencies or home repairs. Jared explains how home equity loans have changed in recent years and the one huge risk you are taking if you sign on the dotted line.

The Only Solution for Student Loans

College is so expensive that it is “the personal finance issue of our time,” according to Jared. Today, he shares the only solution for the issue on a national level, the biggest financial screw-up you can make with your education, the one question you need to answer to see whether your...

Lawyers, It’s Not the ‘80s Anymore

Student debt is one thing, but law school debt is a whole different animal—can the cost of law school ever make economic sense? Also discussed: Jared’s 3-step plan for student loans, advice for prospective students, and why Law & Order is so terrible.

When College Makes No Economic Sense

Abandon the idea that college is a golden ticket. In fact, Jared says, it’s often like walking into a giant spinning blade. Find out exactly why college is so expensive, what Jared says is the number one bad financial decision you make if you want to be a lawyer, why government intervention...

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