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The Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

The minimum wage kills jobs. Just because Geneva, Switzerland can get away with a $25 minimum wage doesn't mean the US can pull it off.

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Someone Got Stupidly Rich off of Masks

Remember when everyone thought we wouldn’t have enough masks to get through the pandemic? Capitalism solved that problem—someone got stupidly rich off of masks, and now they’re buying a house in Malibu.

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Buy What Bill Gates Buys

The US has a long history of monkeying with inflation statistics. You know who else does this? Argentina. Jared looks at real inflation and the things you want to own in an inflationary environment.

Wealth Creators vs. Parasites

The US is the only country that thinks of wealth as something you can actually create more of. Starting a business is one way to do that, but there are endless opportunities to be a wealth creator.

Ponzi Boys

What is it about real estate? There’s something about the industry that attracts a certain element, especially when it’s hot… like it is now. Jared has a special name for these shady characters.

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