Podcasts: Economy and Markets

More Precious Than Money

Would you rather be in a bread line or a bread market? You might be surprised by your answer. Here's why the bread market is the better pick… and how you can get there.

The Miracle of Capitalism

From the cotton to the elastic to the gasoline that was put into the delivery trucks, we got masks as soon as we started to need them. Without government bureaucrats in the way, we didn't need a miracle to receive supplies; we just needed to let the free markets do their job.

Surprises You Can Prepare for in 2021

2021 could surprise in the opposite way that 2020 did and turn out to be a boring year. But don't expect to return to pre-pandemic times.

Free Minds and Free Markets

You can't have capitalism without failure, but we don't let anything fail anymore. If we could get government out of the economy again, we could go back to truly having free markets.