Russia v. the World

Putin’s nuclear threats are deadly serious. Jared covers the war in Ukraine, his own lucky run in the military, $120K mobile homes, middle-age weight gain, and much more.

How to Invest When You’re Clueless About Investing

Americans act like degenerate gamblers in the stock market, risking loads of money on uninformed opinions. Jared shows you how to invest once you accept you know nothing.

Make Money… Even When 80% of Your Trades Are Wrong

Sure, you might make 100% in the markets in a single year. It’s fun when you’re winning. But can you repeat that? Jared reveals how he makes consistent money year after year.

Time to Plow Money into the Market?

Prices are skyrocketing, and everyone is buying less stuff. Even Amazon’s sales projections are sinking. Find out if a recession is looming… and whether you should throw money into the market.

You Need the Dennis Rodman of Assets

Every asset class has a job to do—score points, play defense, smooth out the chaos. Discover how the “Dennis Rodman” of assets can improve your risk-adjusted returns, help you manage inflation,...

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