Jared’s Favorite Wall Street Story

How do you get a raise? Jared shares some negotiating ideas based on his time at Lehman Brothers.

When You Should Drop Your Partner Like Third-Period French

Jared talks about why a terrible credit score could be a deal breaker in a relationship, as well as what you need to know about your credit score, how your score is computed, what regions have the...

Why Teenagers Should Have Jobs

When burger-flipping isn’t about burger-flipping—Jared talks about what skills young adults must acquire on their first job in order to get a second one. Plus, why time-keeping is a skill and why...

Why You’re Probably Terrible at Evaluating Risk

On tonight’s podcast, Jared speaks about common dangers and the probability they’ll happen to you, as well as why life expectancy is going down in the US.

The Best Way to Get a Raise

There’s only one time-tested strategy to get a raise (and it’s not by doing a good job). Listen in to find out… and get Jared’s take on multi-level marketing schemes, the Big Five personality...

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