When You Should Spend Money

Personal finance “gurus” berate people into following extreme tactics that are almost never necessary. There are times to spend and times to not spend. This podcast will help you figure out what stage you’re in right now.

The Basics of Bonds

The problem with bonds is that basically nobody understands them… so everybody is underinvested in them. Thing is, you need to be invested in bonds… who wouldn’t want a guaranteed income stream in their portfolio? In this podcast, Jared gives you the bond basics you need to know so you can...

Bad Financial Advice

There is some awful, garbage financial advice out there. Listen in to find out who Jared thinks is “the worst person in the world,” learn how to spot the type of financial guidance you should run away from, and why you should do the opposite of a lot of “expert” advice…

Credit Card Points

Free points actually aren’t free. Tune in to this podcast to hear Jared undo the science behind credit card points, lay out his points philosophy, and share his best points practices.

Debt Is the Enemy

Debt almost destroyed the world in 2008. In almost all circumstances you need to pay down debt as aggressively as possible. Listen in to hear why (and to find out the exceptions to the rule).

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