Real Estate Real Talk

“As much of a tough guy as I am in the markets, I am a chicken when it comes to real estate…” Jared reveals what scares him about real estate, talks about the trouble with Airbnb, and more. A must-listen if you own or are thinking about owning real estate in today’s market.

Losing Money and Muscle

Jared talks about the problem with pizza and pastries at gyms—and a particular gym he nicknamed the Roach Motel—and why you should probably do your part to put Planet Fitness out of business…

Insane Investing

“You should not care or even think about your money…” Jared shares a strategy toward investing that will relieve stress during volatile markets… and when to ignore financial advisors.

Trouble with Taxes

What’s going to happen to our taxes in 2020? And what lessons will current presidential candidates take from Carter, Wilson, Reagan, and more? Listen in as Jared discusses how he would change taxes (and shares what progressive taxes he would add to the system).

When You Should Cheap Out

Clorox or bleach? $2 juice or $10 juice? Expensive doesn’t always mean better, but sometimes it does… Jared categorizes some of the most common daily items and shares the quickest way you can set your money on fire…

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