What Oil Prices Do to Your Life

Changes in the price of oil—driven by geopolitics—affect both our everyday and our investing lives. Jared talks about potential changes we will see following the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facility.

Bitcoin—From the Stupidest Thing Ever to Legitimate Asset

Tune in to learn about the “bitcoin cult” and its tactics, the process of mining, which famous rapper/actor made a fortune off BTC, and why Jared has changed his mind on the cryptocurrency

Are Credit Cards Evil?

“They certainly can be,” according to one particular “financial guru,” who encourages Americans to cut them up. Jared has a pretty different philosophy regarding credit cards—tune in to find out.

No Good Ideas Have Ever Come from Reddit

Selling “extreme solutions” is easy, and people desire easy solutions… but it’s okay to enjoy life and be comfortable, says Jared. Listen in to hear what he thinks about consumption and why you should want the best out of life.

Adapt or Die

Jared talks about an important turning point on the horizon, what type of investing advice to ignore, and tips on how to be adaptable in the market—this is a must-listen for investors of all levels.

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