No Good Ideas Have Ever Come from Reddit

Selling “extreme solutions” is easy, and people desire easy solutions… but it’s okay to enjoy life and be comfortable, says Jared. Listen in to hear what he thinks about consumption and why you should want the best out of life.

Adapt or Die

Jared talks about an important turning point on the horizon, what type of investing advice to ignore, and tips on how to be adaptable in the market—this is a must-listen for investors of all levels.

Taxes and a Beaten-Up Coffee Table

Thinking about taxes is zero fun, but we all have to do it. Today, Jared discusses how you could benefit from doing your own taxes… up to a point. He also shares what NFL superstar he would like to discuss spending habits with.

Investing Is Hard

Financial gurus who say the stock market will return 8% are committing financial malpractice, Jared says. So what’s the answer for the individual investor? In this episode, Jared gets real about your options.

When Things Are Crazy, They Can Get Crazier

The time for investors to diversify their portfolios is now. Jared shares why he thinks we’re barreling toward a significant historical event, discusses lessons we need to take from Argentina and Venezuela, and warns about the “radically different economic philosophies” of today’s...

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