Teach a Man to Fish

The story of Robin Hood is enticing in its simplicity, but it doesn’t address the bigger issues involved in wealth inequality. Jared discusses the short- and long-term solutions and the need for society to realize that the fix isn’t as easy as it may seem.

I Don’t

Weddings are pricey for everyone, not just the happy couple. Jared wades into the costs and how quickly they add up if you’re attending a few a year. It’s more than you think. And don’t even get him started on bad wedding music…

Is Debt Evil?

Debt can be very spooky, but like Casper the Friendly Ghost, not all debt is evil. Jared discusses the pros and cons of debt, using it as a tool for growth, and what kinds to avoid. He also shares a tale where coming in second or third in the race doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

Lawyers, It’s Not the ‘80s Anymore

Student debt is one thing, but law school debt is a whole different animal—can the cost of law school ever make economic sense? Also discussed: Jared’s 3-step plan for student loans, advice for prospective students, and why Law & Order is so terrible.

Money In—Money Out

“When to start drawing on Social Security benefits” is a question many people ask their advisors, and there can be many answers. Today, Jared explains the math, psychology, and payout differences between taking it at 62, or waiting until 70. And did you know there’s a country with better...

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