How to Make Your Credit Score Go Up

If the term “credit score” sends a shiver up your spine, then you need to press play. Jared shares why it’s important to monitor your score, as well as easy hacks to both maintain and improve that all-important number.

Let’s Not Tell Elizabeth Warren What Comes After a Trillion

Elizabeth Warren says her $52 trillion healthcare plan will be funded by taxes—but Jared lays out why that’s pretty much impossible. Also today—the danger of making things free in the US, how the national cultural weathervane has suddenly changed its tune on one of the presidential...

Getting out of the Scarcity Mentality

Instead of slicing and dicing the pie, why not make it bigger? Jared pulls from his past experience to share the futility of extreme budgeting, a lesson from Wall Street on how you should view your money, and how you can think outside the box to take in more revenue.

How Productive Is Your Free Time?

The most important decision you’ll make in your entire life is what to do with the next 24 hours. And while it’s crucial to relax, you can probably make more productive use of some of your free time, Jared says. That’s how you get rich, and no one on their deathbed wishes they’d spent more...

Second Home Scaries

The one thing people want to do when they get rich? According to Jared, it’s getting a second home. But should you? While Jared understands the impulse, he has heard only one positive story from a friend who bought a second home. Tune in to find out more…

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