Free Trade and a Ham Sandwich

It would take the average person $10,000 and six months to produce a ham sandwich by themselves. Jared explains how free trade raises the quality of life for everyone, one sandwich at a time.

Markets Don’t Like Uncertainty

With impeachment and elections looming, markets are starting to react. It’s important to insulate yourself from volatility with a well-constructed portfolio. Jared explains how in simple terms.

On Target

It’s easy for a $15 trip to Target to turn into a $250 trip. Jared discusses how to avoid that trap and how you should really be using your spending money.

Get to Know the Fed

Jared argues that the Federal Reserve has far more day-to-day impact on your life than any president ever could. Listen to how this could be, and why knowing the impact the Fed has is so important to you.

Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spending is an unsurprising indicator of economic stability. People spend billions, not just on romantic partners, but on kids and pets. Not Jared. He’ll explain why he feels you shouldn’t either.

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