Profit from The Free Money Myth

The Free Money Myth

Former Wall Street trader Jared Dillian reveals the dangerous trend sabotaging your savings and investment returns today...

And how you can protect yourself from it.

Jared Dillian
Jared Dillian,
Former head of ETFs at Lehman Brothers.

Dear Reader,

Through no fault of your own...

And perhaps without you even realizing it...

A dangerous financial trend has been affecting your money—your savings and your investments.

Already, you've likely lost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars because of it...

(You’ll see how in a moment)

And that's just the start.

Because as one source reported, it could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars—annually—in retirement.

That’s why it's critical you pay close attention to this short message...

So you can understand what this trend is...

How it’s affecting your money...

And most importantly, what you can do to protect your moneyand even use this trend as an opportunity to profit—like I and other in-the-know investors are doing.

With that said...

Let me show you exactly what’s happening...

Starting with the document you can see here.

Cares Act

What you’re looking at is the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020, in response to the pandemic.

This $2.2 trillion stimulus package was the largest in history:

  • Businesses received $500 billion in handouts...

  • And millions of Americans were sent $1,200 checks.

Sounds like a good thing, right?

But where did all this money come from?

How could a country with a trillion-dollar deficit... pay out an extra $2 trillion?

The answer is simple:

The Federal Reserve, with only a few mouse clicks, can create new dollars—essentially printing money—which then gets injected into the commercial banking system.

And that’s what it did—hurtling the country toward a $3.3 trillion annual deficit, the largest since 1945.

But the Fed wasn’t done yet...

Because meanwhile, the stock market was in freefall...


And so it continued printing even more money just to prop the economy up.

Today, we’re already experiencing the consequences of this reckless money printing...

Which is why, as I mentioned...

Your money is already being affected.

How can I be so sure?

Just take a look at your last grocery bill.

As you may have noticed...

The prices of groceries have been skyrocketing lately.

From only July 2019 to July 2020:

  • Ground beef has gone up 14%...

  • Pork chops spiked 15%...

  • Tomatoes jumped 10%...

  • Milk rose 7%...

  • And potato chips shot up 17%.


And it's not just groceries:

  • Employer-sponsored healthcare coverage is now 4% more expensive...

  • Gasoline jumped 2%...

  • The cost of used cars and trucks surged 5.4%...

  • And the price of real estate has soared across the country, rocketing as high as 25% in some states, like California.


What in the world is happening?

In a word:


You see, as the Federal Reserve increases the money supply by printing more and more dollars...

The less valuable each of those dollars becomes.

In other words, they lose their purchasing power—which is exactly what’s happening to the dollars in your bank account... and your wallet.

This means:

  1. Not only is the stuff you buy every day becoming more and more expensive...

  2. Your investments will have to perform that much better if you want to keep your retirement projections on track—and have the ability to put your kids through college without going into massive amounts of debt.

We currently have an inflation rate of 1.2%, according to the most recent US Labor Department data.

But as you may have read recently on The Motley Fool, even an inflation rate of 2.5% could:

Raise Your Annual Retirement Expenses by $54,000

That’s a hell of a lot of money, isn’t it?

But as I said before, I’m going to show you how I and other investors are not only protecting our money from inflation but taking advantage of it to profit.

First though, I want to quickly explain why...

America’s inflation will only soar from here.

That’s right—despite the fact even an inflation rate of 2.5% could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in retirement if you’re not prepared...

The way things are shaping up, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw inflation hit 10% over the coming years.

There are a few reasons for that.


The Fed wants higher inflation.

You see, its long-term goal is to have inflation hover around 2%...

But because we had a long period of low inflation, it now wants inflation of 3% to 4%, with the idea that things will shake out to 2% on average.

But do you really believe the Fed can goose inflation up to 4%... and then simply snap its fingers to stop it?

Not a chance...

Especially when you factor in...

Today’s unprecedented monetary stimulus.

Printing money

As you know, the first round of stimulus saw the Fed print an astronomical $2.2 trillion, pushing America into a $3.3 trillion deficit.

You’ve already experienced the effects of that, in the form of higher prices.

But that was only the beginning.

On December 29, 2020, the Treasury Department began sending out the second round of stimulus...

And Biden has already promised a third.

Will we see a fourth round? And a fifth?

As this money gets spent, it will result in one thing:

More dollars chasing the same goods.

And when that happens, the prices of the things you buy are going to skyrocket even more.

This is going to be compounded by a simple fact:

When people are free from the constraints of COVID, they’re going to spend like crazy.

Millions of Americans are going to rush to go on vacations...

Eat out at restaurants...

And spend money in shops, on gym memberships, and on transport to visit family.

In short, we’re going to feel the full brunt of trillions of extra dollars sloshing around the system.

That’s why it’s so important you make the right moves with your money now...

And why I want to show you how...

You can protect yourself from inflation—and profit.

Now, I know that idea might seem strange at first.

Most people have no clue how to protect themselves from inflation, let alone profit from it.

But the truth is, profiting from inflation is one of the few ways you can protect yourself from it.

You see, inflation is impossible to escape—bar moving your family to another country, or shifting your money to a foreign market.

You can’t stop it affecting your dollars and your investment returns.

That’s why, it’s absolutely critical you understand how to profit from it instead.

Again, most people don’t have the faintest idea how to do this...

Which is why 99% of folks are going to do one of two things:

  1. Put their money in the entirely wrong places. Or...

  2. Sit on their hands and do nothing.

Personally, I can’t bear the thought of this happening to you, which is why my team and I have been hard at work these past few months, putting together a plan to help you profit from inflation, and not get ruined by it.

We’ve carefully detailed this plan and condensed it into a special report called:

Profit from the Free Money Myth

Profit from the Free Money Myth

And I know in my heart, this will be the most important document you ever read.

Now, as I mentioned...

I’m already profiting from inflation.

I just recently made this comment while discussing inflation on a call with a couple of fellow investors:

“[This is] the kind of environment I do really well in. I’ve already made gross amounts of money, and we’re still very early in this.”

And I’m not the only one taking steps to profit from it.

US news outlet Axios reported on August 3rd, 2020:

Betting on inflation is paying off big for investors

How is this possible?

The answer is simple:

In times of high inflation, there are always certain assets that do extremely well.

Gold, for example.

People buy gold when they're afraid their dollars will be worth less in the future.

That's why, when inflation reached as high as 14% in America in the 1970s, gold skyrocketed over 2,000%:


That's enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $105,000.

Incredible, right?

And get this...

Inflation doesn't even have to happen for you to make money from it...

You can still rake in huge profits even if all we get is the fear of inflation.

Like in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, for example.

The Fed had cut interest rates to near zero...

Causing investors—worried about inflation—to pour their money into silver.

The inflation never materialized...

But that didn’t stop silver from spiking 448% in less than three years:


Turning every $5,000 into $27,400.

Now, you might be wondering...

Do I recommend you put your money in gold and silver?

It would be a much better move than most investors are making...

(In fact, you'll discover the best ways to buy—and how not to buy—gold and silver in Profit from the Free Money Myth.)

But there are far better options available to you.

Gold mining stocks, for example, typically outperform the base metal by as much as three times.

Surely you wouldn’t want to leave that kind of money on the table.

That's why, as soon as you claim your special report...

  • You'll discover my favorite precious metals miner right now, which I’m projecting could quadruple your money.

And that's just the start.

You'll also discover:

  • My prediction for the top-performing sector of the next 5 to 10 years...

  • How the Free Money Myth is propelling the US toward higher inflation...

  • Why it only takes the fear of inflation for your inflation trades to work...

  • The ticker symbols of seven more stocks set to skyrocket as inflation heats up—I’m talking potential triple-digit winners.

8 top stock picks included

Together, that’s eight of my top picks you’ll be getting...

And each one has the potential to generate incredible returns.

Now, you might be wondering...

How much does Profit from the Free Money Myth cost?

Well, I originally wanted to charge $499...

An extraordinary value considering you could quadruple your money with just one of the stocks inside.

But the thing is...

This crisis is already affecting your money...

And if you don’t prepare now, you could lose so much more.

That’s why I’ve decided to make it as easy as possible for you to say “Yes” today.

If you claim your special report now, you won’t pay $499.

You won't even pay $450.

Instead, I’m going to give you an incredible 60% discount.

That means, with only a small $199 investment, it’s all yours.

Now it’s up to you.

Profit from the Free Money Myth

By creating Profit from the Free Money Myth—and slashing the price in half for you—I’ve done all I can to prepare you for what’s unfolding in our country.

But it’s your decision whether you’ll take me up on my offer or not.

The way I see it, you’ve got two choices.

Will you:

  1. Continue to let America’s rising inflation eat into your savings? Or...

  2. Use it as an opportunity to collect huge profits—like I and other in-the-know investors are doing?

If you chose option #2, Congratulations.

All you have to do is claim your copy of Profit from the Free Money Mythwith your 60% savings—by filling out the simple form below.

I have absolute confidence this will be the most life-changing financial move you ever make.

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