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Jared Dillian
Jared Dillian

I bet the markets have spooked you before.

When stocks crashed 32% at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, even the most seasoned investors were terrified.

Many panicked and sold at big losses, wiping out years of investment returns with a few clicks of the mouse.

But investors who followed my guidance had no reason to panic during the March Meltdown. Because they hadn’t overdosed on stocks—which I call “the opiate of the masses.”

Sure, my longtime readers own some stocks. But they also have a hefty allocation to bonds—and assets like gold, cash, and real estate.

This is why my premium subscribers were able to lock in profits during the March Meltdown...

  • 14% on Treasury bond fund IEI

  • 8% on Treasury bond fund SHY

  • 15% on muni bond fund VGM

  • 16% on muni bond fund ITM

See, holding a diversified portfolio that goes beyond the stock market is how you limit risk AND maximize returns in every environment.

Of course, crashes like the one triggered by Covid-19 don’t happen every day. Sometimes things go well in the markets, and sometimes they don’t. That’s reality. Which is why the most successful long-term investors plan for the unknown.

This is how you grow your wealth in good times AND in bad times. I want to help you ride the wave up when the markets are soaring, and give you the peace of mind that you won’t take big losses when the next big, bad thing happens.

Hi, my name is Jared Dillian. As the head of ETF trading at Lehman Brothers, I spent years swimming with the big sharks on Wall Street.

Now I spend my time helping people like you...

Stop Worrying About Money!

Look, I know what it’s like to worry. I’ve made piles of money, but I wasn’t born rich. I grew up in a working-class household. Paid my dues in the Coast Guard. And built my wealth through hard work and disciplined investing—making smart moves to protect it along the way.

“Please tell Jared, thanks for the recent email... I hate to admit... but panicked I was... now a little less so. Keep up the good work.” —F. Allen

Worrying about money takes a toll on you... your health... your relationships.

Let me take that burden off your shoulders.

Let’s face it—the world is an uncertain place right now. It’s impossible to know what will happen in the markets.

So I’m going to share a secret with you...

You don’t need to predict the future to make money.

All you need is one simple tool: The Awesome Portfolio!

The Awesome Portfolio

I named it the Awesome Portfolio because the results are, in a word, AWESOME.

Over the past two decades, the Awesome Portfolio has soared 285%!

Meaning it OUTPERFORMED other commonly used portfolios by a longshot...

Portfolio Total 20-Year Return
The Awesome Portfolio 285%
35% Stocks/ 65% Bonds 207%
60% Stocks/ 40% Bonds 176%
80% Stocks/ 20% Bonds 141%

And it outperformed with the LOWEST RISK LEVEL of all of these portfolios.

How do I know? Because analysts like me rely on data—not bold claims.

We use something called the Sharpe ratio to measure risk. It’s a sophisticated tool developed by a Nobel laureate famous in investing circles. But I won’t bore you with the graduate-level math behind it.

All you need to know is: A higher Sharpe ratio means less risk.

And guess what? The Awesome Portfolio has the HIGHEST Sharpe ratio of all the portfolios we just looked at.

Portfolio Sharpe Ratio
The Awesome Portfolio 0.73
35% Stocks/ 65% Bonds 0.51
60% Stocks/ 40% Bonds 0.39
80% Stocks/ 20% Bonds 0.25

It’s simple, really. The Awesome Portfolio delivers higher returns with less risk—which is what you want!

Another added bonus—the Awesome Portfolio is LESS VOLATILE than other portfolios. Volatile portfolios bounce all over the place, going up one day and down the next. Not fun!

Volatility also induces panic. Which could lead you to make foolish mistakes and sell on the lows. So you want to avoid it like the plague.

Now, one way to measure volatility is by the standard deviation of a portfolio’s returns. The lower the standard deviation, the less volatile the portfolio. That’s what you’re looking for.

No surprise, the Awesome Portfolio has the lowest standard deviation—meaning the LOWEST VOLATILITY—of all the portfolios we looked at.

Portfolio Volatility by Standard Deviation of Returns
The Awesome Portfolio 0.072
35% Stocks/ 65% Bonds 0.074
60% Stocks/ 40% Bonds 0.09
80% Stocks/ 20% Bonds 0.14

You can think of volatility as the financial (and emotional) rollercoaster you do NOT want to ride... and the Awesome Portfolio as your exit ramp to stable ground.

All together the Awesome Portfolio gives you...

Higher Returns + Less Risk + Less Volatility

All great stuff! Which is why I’m so excited to send you a copy of my NEW SPECIAL REPORT outlining everything you need to know about the Awesome Portfolio, including:

  • All the TICKER SYMBOLS you need to quick-start your personal Awesome Portfolio today

  • The exact amount to put in each investment

  • How to tweak your portfolio as market conditions change (HINT: You won’t need to do much)

In fact, the Awesome Portfolio is as set-it-and-forget it as it comes. It’s designed to outperform over decades to come. No matter what happens next.

The world is panicked... nervous... on edge. But you don’t have to be.

In a few hours or less, you can revolutionize your financial life. Simply...

  • Download your special, discounted copy of The Awesome Portfolio—YOURS TODAY for just $99—a 33% discount off the retail price of $149.

  • Read the special report—written in plain English—and find out exactly where to put your money

  • Make the investments I share with you to quick-start your personal Awesome Portfolio

That’s it—three simple steps and you’re DONE.

The Awesome Portfolio

The best part is, there’s nothing complicated to learn or do.

Just straightforward recommendations you can act on NOW.

All you need is an ordinary, plain-vanilla brokerage account. And a few minutes to execute the trades I spell out for you in The Awesome Portfolio special report.

Then you can get back to living life—without worrying about your money!

You have enough on your plate. You don’t want to waste any more time or energy stressing about your portfolio.

That’s why I put the simple, actionable solutions you need in my new special report, The Awesome Portfolio.

This report is valued at $149. But I’m giving it to you for a special, discounted price of $99. 33% OFF! Think of it as my way of saying “thank you” for being a loyal follower.

Do Not Miss This Special Discounted Offer

Inside The Awesome Portfolio special report, you will get precise, easy-to-understand guidance.

With all the TICKER SYMBOLS you need to grow your wealth in any environment.

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting with $1,000, or you’re a seasoned investor with a million dollars-plus in your brokerage account.

The recommendations in The Awesome Portfolio will put your mind at ease. And help you make more money with less risk.

Now you’re wondering...

  • All of my investments are in an IRA and 401(k). Can I still build an Awesome Portfolio?


  • My financial advisor says my portfolio is already low risk. Do I still need the Awesome Portfolio?

    YES! I’d bet your money is still at grave risk. And the next stock market crash could wipe you out. I will show you how to consistently book higher returns with much less risk.

Inside The Awesome Portfolio special report, you will also learn:

  • The absolute best strategy to “buy low and sell high”

  • How the Awesome Portfolio protected investors during the 2008 financial crisis... outperforming the portfolio financial advisors love to call “safe” by 17%

  • The precise steps to take the next time the stock market crashes... which it will (sooner than you think)

Protect your money from the whims of the market, boost your long-term profits, and give yourself peace of mind by...

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