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Hey, Jared Dillian here.

Can you picture where exactly you'll be in 20 years? 30? 40?

Many retirement guides and gurus tell you to start picturing sandy beaches and endless vacations and things like that.

But honestly, that's kind of... marketing garbage. It's not much use to you.

Because-scientific fact, brain studies have shown this-when you imagine your future self, your brain stops thinking about you, and starts acting as if future you is a completely different person.

So our future selves are strangers to us.

That means we're terrible at thinking about the future... and that many people are terrible at planning for retirement.

Which is exactly why so many people will have an unenjoyable retirement. In fact, 41% of nonretired Americans don't expect to have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.

Nobody needs that level of stress in their lives. You certainly don't.

I can help.

My Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want guide gives you everything you need to get started today. No confusing jargon. No unrealistic targets. No berating you if you have a daily caffeine or sugar habit you don't want to kick.

Just no-nonsense guidance that'll set you on the path to a fulfilling, stress-free retirement...

  • Even if you've tried planning for retirement before and been overwhelmed
  • Even if you wouldn't know a 401(k) if it came up and hit you in the face
  • Even if you're 50 and haven't started planning for retirement at all

Get Saving and Investing
for the Retirement
You Want Now

Be nice to the stranger, for one day the stranger will be you. Once you realize that, you're already a step ahead (and it's going to be more effective than daydreaming about sandy beaches).

Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want starts now. You'll get my best advice on preparedness (from my Coast Guard days), my best advice on investing successfully for retirement (from my Wall Street days), and a whole lot more besides.

Here's just some of what's in this 31-page guide:

The retirement roadmap you must start following now... (no matter what age you are)
Easy-to-use formulas to figure out how much you need for your retirement
Why serious wealth is almost never the product of a million small decisions... (and how realizing that will get you there sooner)
A little-known way your house can tell you what you need for retirement
The common but dangerous retirement advice you must avoid
Why so many people are facing a stressful, uncomfortable retirement
How to have a valuable relationship with the tax man
Retirement plan options for every employment status
A carefully vetted resource guide to save you time and research
The #1 thing that can save you if you get to 50 without a dime saved for retirement
How almost half of Americans make this huge Social Security mistake
5 solutions anyone can implement when they think they're too late (hint: It's almost never too late!)
How to invest for retirement without blowing yourself up (even if you've never invested before)
What your broker won't tell you: My recommended retirement portfolio which gives you almost exactly the same returns as the "standard" portfolio... with half the risk!

And it's laid out in clear, concise chapters so you can take it one step at a time...

Chapter 1

A detailed framework to figure out exactly what you need for retirement

Chapter 2

The crucial actions you must take to lay the groundwork for retirement success

Chapter 3

Step-by-step information on how to invest for retirement

Chapter 4

Clear retirement roadmaps for your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond

Chapter 5

Troubleshooting: How you can make the numbers work even when it seems impossible

Chapter 6

A comprehensive list of resources to help you hit your retirement roadmap running

Ready to start? Simply click here to get this guide now (and to save 50% on the list price).

If you're not quite sure yet, here's a quick look at what my readers are saying about my personal finance and retirement advice...

My compliments to Jared for taking on the establishment... it takes courage to do that. 90% of what I read and watch on TV is pure garbage.

Mark S

You have one direction in your retirement advice, Jared, and it is a good one.

Patricia W.

Jared, I read a great deal about personal finance... This article alone is worth a million. I'm glad that we have your help.


They don't teach ANY of this in high school or even as General Ed in college. Personal finance should be a required course for a bachelor's degree in my opinion. You are doing a great public service.

Dan S.

I love your personal finance stuff. LOVE IT! It's actionable, for everyone. It's life lessons, and financial philosophy, without being preachy and over-the-top Dave Ramsey style.

Chris B.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saving and Investing
for the Retirement
You Want

How do I know this guide is for me?

First off, everyone should be planning for retirement, and everyone-no matter what age they are-should start now. And even if you have started, this guide has plenty of ways to help your money work harder for retirement.

Now, this guide probably isn't for you if you prefer the softly-softly approach. Or if you prefer daydreaming to taking action. I can't do the work for you, I can just show you the smartest ways to do it.

What if I've left it too late?

It is almost never too late.

Plenty of people wake up at 50 and only then start seriously thinking about their retirement plans. I've seen some of the greatest comebacks of all time from folks like that. And if that's you right now, I tell you what you need to do to stage that comeback in the guide.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening to the show.

Now, if you're ready to start taking control of your retirement, simply fill in the short form below.

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Get Instant Access to Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want
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You can get my complete guide to saving and investing for retirement for less than $10. That's just $9.95 for a 31-page guide that will help make the money you set aside for retirement work harder for you.

I'm confident that Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want is going to be indispensable to you now and in the months and years ahead.

And I'm so sure you'll agree that you can try it out for 30 days, complete risk-free. If you decide that this guide isn't going to work for you, just get in touch and I'll refund every cent you paid.

It's a no-brainer.

Get your copy of Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want today, and you'll immediately get:

  • Straight-up, no-nonsense advice you can start applying today, no matter what age or stage of retirement planning you're at
  • Guidance from a former Wall Streeter, whose mission now is to help people with their financial health
  • An A-Z of retirement planning, from what you should do before you even start, right through to what you should do when you're retired
  • A bundle of extra resources, for you to reference as you move through your working life towards retirement
  • A big improvement in stress level that comes with knowing you're taking control of your retirement path
  • And remember, you save 50% when you give it a try today.

Are you in? Start Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want now.

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